Friday, July 22, 2016

Tea With Rose And Garden Rabbits

Hello tea and garden friends!  Last week I had tea with Rose that lives in my front yard.  Today I had tea with Rose in my side yard, also named Ramblin Red.  Both are Canadian Explorers that do well with our sub zero winters.

As soon as I got the table set  my garden rabbits came for tea.  I guess they heard there was a Beatrix Potter celebration going on at Bernideen's Tea In The Garden party!

Peter Rabbit was interested in the fairy house!

My teapot and creamer are made in Japan, and at $3.98 I couldn't resist bringing them home.

The  orphan teacup and dessert plate are marked Meakin, and the saucer is marked Japan.

It is a beautiful day again for tea in the garden.

We are still having rhubarb from  the garden.  Rhubarb pie a favorite!

Thank you for visiting me for tea in my garden and celebrating Beatrix Potter 150th anniversary!  Have a wonderful weekend and next week too!

I will be joining Bernideen's Tea In The Garden, TTCG blog party, and Sandi's  No Place Like Home party.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tea With Rose

My climbing roses are in bloom and a perfect time for enjoying tea with my William Baffin rose.  I am so glad you stopped by!

I have a few peonies still blooming in my garden, enough for a bouquet on the tea table.

My Lefton teapot is filled with Twining's 100% Pure White Tea.

I feel so lucky to have found these two Royal Albert Petit Point teacups while visiting a thrift store!

I found the teacup below at a antique mall in lower Michigan, coming home from our trip this May.  When I saw it I instantly thought of a tea friend who loves to garden.  I will be sending it to her soon.  I love the verse  on the teacup "Whilst the Morning Shines Gather The Flowers".  Of course the verse on the saucer is also true, especially if you garden!

I still like to send and receive hand written notes.  Today is a good day to send one off to a friend.

A view of my front porch and out to my front yard.

Hoping you are enjoying lovely summer weather!  Ours is so fickle, yesterday it was 90 degrees and today down to 65 degrees!

Thank you again for visiting!

I will be joining the following parties this week:  Tea In The Garden, No Place Like Home, Bernideen's TTCG Party, Tuesday Cuppa Tea, and Teacup Tuesday.