Friday, April 29, 2016

April Tea Time

Welcome friends, it is just about the end of April and we sure haven't have very warm weather!  Yesterday morning  it was 40 degrees and I took my mug of coffee  out on the deck to sip and survey the yard.

This mug says it all for the area we live in!

Later in the afternoon the sun was out and temperatures risen to 50 degree!  So I braved it and had my first outdoor tea on the deck for this year!  Now I can join Bernideen for her first "Tea In The Garden" at her lovely new home!

I am using this sweet trio with matching sugar bowl I recently found at a thrift shop. I love the soft aqua blue color.  It is made in the USA and stamped English Abbey.  I have a set of the pink in the same pattern and was surprised to know they made this color also!

I found the darling fairy house this spring and Mr. Bunny came by to check it out!

I received this tin of black tea at Christmas.  The tin is a keeper for me!

Snickerdoodle cookies for tea!

Last summer I found this dolly at a thrift store.  It is a "Wimsey" doll, popular in the 60"s.  I think she is cute in her own way!

I love this pillow my sister gave me last year for my birthday.  It reminds me of my precious angel daughter.  Even looks like her when she was little.

As you can see, no flowers in sight.  If  only we could get some warm weather, the daffodils are just waiting to bloom!

Next week we are going to Kentucky to Renfro Valley for a couple of weeks.  Hubby likes the concerts and I will be liking the warm spring weather!  Hope I can find a tea room, too!

Thank you so much for visiting!  Hope your spring weather is warmer than ours!

I will be joining Bernideens  "Tea In The Garden" today.